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Free Logo design service that helps you to create your first logo for free

This article is part of a series of articles about starting your own business and the tools that help the founder (entrepreneur) at the very beginning.


A logo is an image that you use as your image, your style. From the start, you want that logo to be as good as Apple’s, but budgets are often tight. So what to do?

Free logo generation services will help. Yes, the result of their work does not pretend to replace a professional graphic designer. Nevertheless, in the review, there are enough high-quality services that can solve the problem with the logo, at least for the first time.

Namecheap Logo Creation

The service is hidden from you in Apps — Logo Maker (

An added convenience of the service is that you don’t even need to create an account to start creating your logo (an account may be required later if you want to download the logo or add it to your collection of favorite designs).

In the first step, you’ll be asked for the name of your future (or existing) company, such as Meta Unicorn. And don’t ask — why Meta? Soon we’ll all be Meta 😂. Press the big red button — “Create free logo”.

In the next step, the AI will ask you to choose fonts you like:

Next, you can choose a color palette:

and the logo icon itself:

I will deliberately not give in the article all the possible options for fonts, styles, icons. I will only note that the set of fonts, styles, and icons is growing, and you may find new settings if you need to create a logo again after some time.

So, after defining all the basic settings, AI will offer you many logo design options to choose from:

There are many options, although it is clear that since a soulless machine generates them, sometimes the combination of colors and fonts looks terrible.

Nevertheless, there is a positive thing — you can choose some ready variants you like and edit them later at your discretion, changing font, logo icon, or color palette.

If you want to download the results of your work, at this step, you’ll have to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

You can also see how business cards with your logo will look (hmmm… does anyone still use business cards these days?), a website, a t-shirt, and even a mobile app:

Final Thoughts

Launch more startups and businesses!

Stay in touch! See you soon!



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